Why Clicky?

Clicky! creates and executes email marketing strategies that suit your growing needs.

A growing business needs to keep in touch with its customers on a regular basis. But digital marketing has so many options it can be hard to work out what profits best. With 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email (Convinceandconvert.com), email marketing is still by far the most effective digital marketing strategy for your business. By using an email marketing strategy tailored to your business by Clicky!, you will:

  • improve profits,
  • increase sales, and
  • be sure of a positive return on investment.

We know why email works, not just how.

Email works because people want to hear from you. In fact, 82% of consumers open emails from companies (Litmus) and 27% of consumers were more likely to say their favourite companies should invest in more email (ExactTarget).

But getting email right isn’t always easy. Clicky! knows why customers buy from you, we know how to create a business/customer fit that will ensure a positive return on investment.

With close consultation, Clicky will create for you the right email marketing strategy through:

  • deep understanding of your business,
  • formulating the right plan that fits your customers needs, and
  • creating an ongoing improvement cycle that will keep your campaigns in tip top shape.

Clicky! knows how to set you up for success.

Using our customised email success roadmap, we will put together an acquisition and communication plan that will ensure your business continues to grow and foster an active email list.

Clicky! is results driven.
Clicky! will drive your email marketing strategy for future growth with campaign development and advice, A/B split testing, and in the end drive the result you want.