5 Reasons Email Marketing Is The Best Marketing For Your Business

If you’re like many Australian business owners, email marketing is one of those things you know you should do but you just don’t have the time, or energy to do. You’re probably thinking, ‘it doesn’t seem worth it’.

For the last 40 years, email has been a powerful communication tool that has revolutionised the way we speak to each other, do business, and make decisions. Thousands of businesses like yours use email in day to day business communication, but miss out on the goldmine that is a well targeted email strategy.

Here at Clicky, we know the power of email to sell, and grow profits. Here are 5 of the top reasons your business should build a strong email marketing strategy.

5. Email vs Social Media.

“What many small business owners thought was a cheap and easy way to advertise has turned into a massive waste of time and money” Sydney Morning Herald

Social media is a hard place to find customers.
It takes a long time, and a lot of effort to return on your investment. Not only this, but once you have invested in a hard earned audience it can be taken from you overnight.

Remember Myspace?
It was huge, the darling of the Internet! Until Facebook moved in. Almost overnight, there was a mass exodus from MySpace to Facebook. If your followers on Myspace didn’t follow you on Facebook you had to start all over again. It will happen again, and your audience will move on.

Email is a strong foundation on which to build for the future. Once you have an email address, you can use it no matter where the person moves, no matter the social network they’re on. No matter what country they’re in.

4. Email marketing gets you more leads.

Email marketing will help you turn prospects into leads. Keeping regular contact with prospects means you are top of mind whenever it comes to a purchasing decision.

So many times Clicky customers have seen sales boom straight after an email has gone out. Each time your business creates a positive contact with your prospects and customers, you create an additional reason for them to buy from you. Not only this, but Australia Post ranks email marketing as the number 1 digital strategy for generating business. Far beyond social media, search engine marketing, and pay per click advertising.

3. Email is the First & Largest Social Network.

Imagine a full cup of rice is the number of emails sent every day, then by comparison, all the daily posts on Facebook would make a miserable 10 grains.

There is good reason that many consider email the first and largest social network. Email is user friendly, inclusive, exclusive, understood by (almost!) everyone and used by more people than anything else online. It is ubiquitous. In fact, studies show that social media itself is reliant on email to help maintain traffic to their services.

2. Email Subscribers are Worth More.

Consumers who receive email marketing spend 83% more when shopping. iContact

Not only this but they buy more often! How good would it be to be able to get your customers to both spend more, and buy more often from you? Email marketing has that power.

Get a customer on to your subscriber list, and you’ll likely see that they are more involved in buying from you, and their life time value to you increases dramatically. Grow your list over time and you are multiplying the effect on your business.

1. Email Marketing Has a Huge Return on Investment

Email Marketing has an return on investment of 4,300%
Email Marketing Industry Census 2013

The best thing about email marketing is this – email is the ultimate way for Sydney businesses to market online. Business people use it to make sales, email has the biggest return on investment of any marketing online by far, and other than in person, email is where people meet the most.

With a return on investment far beyond any other digital marketing, email is the clear path to take to grow a business.

Is your business doing email marketing? Would you like more of a tailored plan for your business to grow with email? We’re friendly and we know email like the back of our hands. Pop your details in the form below and we can have a chat about how to take advantage of the power of  email.

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