‘It’s Mabo, It’s The Vibe’ Speaking At Digital Marketing Connection

Recently I was invited to speak at the Digital Marketing Connection Meetup hosted at Fishburners. Fishburners is one of Australia’s best startup hubs and helps businesses get a leg up in the booming tech world, and they provide great space for regular events like Digital Marketing Connection.

My presentation included two key aspects of email marketing:

  1. How email marketing works to build sales & revenue
  2. 7 tips on how to build emails that sell

After the talk, I heard from people in the audience that many businesses are aware of how powerful email marketing is, yet they do not spend time on evaluating the success of email messages beyond clicks and opens.

One business represented on the night was considering shutting down its email marketing program, because it didn’t ‘feel like’ it was doing enough. Going on a Mabo type vibe of how your email marketing is working is not enough. If your business is employing email to grow revenue, sales or communication, then you must quantify the result beyond clicks and opens, evaluate the result and optimise accordingly.

I rest my case.

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