The problem with clicks and opens.

When you come to clean your subscriber list, it can be a dangerous activity if you’re just looking at clicks and opens. You might be throwing out valuable subscribers who have a lot to offer your business.

What is the true value of each subscriber?

Looks like they’re not very engaged. But that’s a lot of money!

This is a sample of a Mailchimp list with financial data feeding directly into it from EnvoyRelate. Mailchimp has given each subscriber a rating out of 5, given their activity on the list.

2 Star (no activity) – This recipient is most likely a new member, or a previously engaged member who’s gone dormant.

Going on Mailchimp’s description of these two star subscribers, they are probably worth removing from your list after a good 6 months or so.

However, without understanding their other activity, you’d throw out people who have cumulatively spent $3800 with you. They may just spend again! In fact, those two with the bulk of the spend at $3000 would be worth thanking with a personal note. I’d take some of my wife’s delicious lemon butter over to their house and thank them just for buying from me.

Before you cleanse your list, think about how email may actually inform this kind of behaviour. The six people on this list may not have ‘opened’ any of your emails, or certainly not clicked on any of them – but your brand seems to have a level of engagement that you can’t see.

So when you measure the value of your subscribers, are you taking into account things you may not have thought of? What else could be a good measure of engagement other than clicks and opens?

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