One email. One point. One action.

A friend of mine was telling me this week that whenever he sits down to do some work, he gets distracted by 30 other things along the way and ends up feeling like he achieves very little.

Do you ever feel like this? Everything vying for your attention but you can’t do it all? In fact – you find you get less done than if you’d just stuck to one task!

This same problem happens to your customers when you send emails full of competing news.

This is why Clicky often recommends sticking to a single point for each email you send. If you have multiple points worth saying, send multiple emails.

The principle at work, is that each item of news, competes for space in the reader’s mind.

The more you have, the more you’ll split people’s attention. The less you have – the more attention it gets. More attention means more action, and more action means more engagement.

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