It’s what you do with it that counts.

In 2002, I started my first serious attempt at a website. It was a niche site for designers to get together and chat, find good design links in the days before social media, and stay regularly updated with each other on a forum.

But it wasn’t easy to get people to come to my site. So in an attempt to keep people coming, each Tuesday night, I’d send out a text based email like this one straight out of Outlook.

I could only send 50 emails at a time, so I had to copy/paste emails, and send it multiple times, the unsubscribe option was manual, and oh dear – it wasn’t pretty. But it was regular and it was useful to the people who I was sending it to.

The best thing about these emails? They worked. People visited the website to see some news that I had linked to in the email, and also sending in their own news. Some responded, with personal comments, and this started conversations. It created a real buzz about the website.

In the long term, something even better happened. I started to develop relationships with my subscribers. Fast forward 12 years, and the website is long gone. But some of those relationships have continued. Not only continued, but have developed into good business relationships worth thousands of dollars.

It wasn’t the size of my list that counted, I only had a little over 100 people in the end who had subscribed. But I did have an opportunity to keep in contact, and keep my expertise in front of them.

How can you be doing this with your business relationships? Think beyond the immediate and consider what will build value for you and your customers in the long term.

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