How to get people to open your email marketing

“I get so many emails every day, sometimes 100 and I can’t read them all. How are you going to get customers to read my emails?”

That’s usually the question I hear from people who think email is inherently annoying (or their business is), even if they’re asking me to create an email strategy for them.

The response I usually give is, ‘Which emails do you read every time? Is it your spouse’s email? Probably. What non-family emails do you read every time?’

I read emails from my wife every time, because she has relevance in my life.

While you aren’t necessarily married to the recipients of your emails, you do have relevance. Get as high up on the relevance scale as you can. Focus on what you can give people and what they want from you – you’ll get people opening your emails.

Image by Michael Scott

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