Email Newsletter Promises

What’s in it for me?

The humble email newsletter signup form. It’s got to be one of the least tweaked, but most useful spaces on your website. Why? Because sometimes even when it’s horrible, it still works. Here’s a super basic example.

email signup form example

You know it’s ugly. I know it’s ugly, but it still works. Okay, well not that well. But it has a promise, which is better than just ‘subscribe’. If you’re struggling to find a promise for your email list, here’s a few lines you could adapt for your own offer:

  • Join our exclusive club and don’t miss out on the next big thing.
  • Psst! Here’s a tip – get deals before anyone else knows…
  • Get the latest news just for you, pop in your details below.
  • Let’s stay in touch, what’s your email?
  • Don’t be left out – get your daily news with a simple email.
  • Our readers love being the first to hear! You can too.
  • Become a VIP, get special treatment every day.
  • Want a 10% discount? Join our club and we’ll send you a code.
  • Join 10,000 people just like you, hear about the best news out there…
  • See what all the fuss is about, get our famous daily email below.