Avoid Perfection Paralysis – Just Send Something

When it comes to marketing, many business owners suffer from perfection paralysis. This is a serious condition where if a piece of marketing isn’t perfect in the eyes of the owner or manager, then it will be changed and reviewed and polished to an inch of its life.

Short term this might seem like a good idea – you really want to get things right and use your opportunity to the greatest potential. Long term perfection paralysis can cripple a business. Not only do get frustrated staff with endless reviews and changes, but you’re likely to miss deadlines, delay sending or in some cases just never get anything done.

Here’s a few methods you could use to void perfection paralysis:

  • Be disciplined and just send something regularly and on schedule.
  • Employ something similar to the “70% Delegation Rule” and be happy with ‘almost there’.
  • Make your emails shorter – less content to agonise over and it will help you focus your message.
  • Don’t give yourself enough time to obsess over your messages. Try and make it happen quickly.
  • Do an A/B split test and test if your more ‘perfected’ emails are more effective.

Emails are effective for a short amount of time. Don’t be afraid to send more and learn from your last experience by getting something out the door.

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