Apology emails

“Oops! We’re so sorry – we sent the wrong details in our last email. Here’s the right one.”

Ever seen that before? Yeah – I have too. In fact, my Big Sorry email was delivered within hours of sending…

  • The wrong email (I should have sent another one)
  • On the wrong day (three days early)
  • Incomplete (missing pictures, missing text)
  • And with the wrong details (the text that was there was wrong)…
  • To 120,000 people

But you know what? It’s not always entirely negative. While you may have some details wrong (calling a man by a woman’s name), you may have also created an opportunity to start a conversation – or say something again.

Don’t just cry like I did on that day – take the opportunity to use it to reinforce your value, to speak directly to your subscriber, and to get your point across again.

You’ll likely reach more people too.

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